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Cuvées Turandot and Thais

Cuvées Turandot and Thaïs by Château Juliette

New releases CRU LIRAC 2012 white and red wines
Vignes 100years of age surrounded by rolled pebbles. Sold at the domaine.

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Château Juliette est étoilé au Guide Hachette 2012


Alexandre Marcelli Audier, opera singer Winemaker and opera singer

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Château Juliette

When opera harmonizes with great wines from the Rhône Valley

Situated in the heart of the Côtes du Rhône, Château Juliette offers premium handcrafted wines that truely reflect their terroir. Naturally low yielding vineyards, hand picked and sorted, basket pressed ...this family owned winery allows nature to express itself to it's fullest, creating fine wines of character and rare elegance.

5 generations of winemakers, Château Juliette maintains the traditional methods of hundreds of years of wine making in full respect of the environment and the consumer.

Every endeavour is made to allow nature to express itself to its fullest: naturally low yielding vineyards, ploughing, harvesting and sorting by hand, accurate blending, little use of machines, manual labour: crushing (pigeage), pumping over as well as pressing in a traditional style vertical wooden press (often whole-grape pressing)... so as to ensure the wines express their special characteristics to their maximum potential.

3 generations of professional opera singers, Alexandre Marcelli-Audier incorporates his passion for lyric arts and classical music into his wine production.. Along with his wife Simone together they create cuvées that reflect the atmosphere of their favourite operas. Tosca, Boheme, La Traviata, Madame Butterfly... The wines are not only paired with the ultimate cuisine but also with the appropriate music.

From restaurants awarded 3 stars on the Michelin guide to Palazzo Versace 6 star hotel on the Gold Coast Australia, Château Juliette is featured in some of the best restaurants in the world and recommended by the best sommelier in the world, Vincent Gasnier, the youngest master sommelier in 1997.

Nicknamed "composer of fine wines" Château Juliette invites you to pay hommage to two historically rich and timeless arts: Wine and Opera. Share our experience and appreciation of two lifetime passions which embrace a sense of culture, authenticy and creativity.


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