Cuvées Turandot and Thais

Cuvées Turandot and Thaïs by Château Juliette

New releases CRU LIRAC 2012 white and red wines
Vignes 100years of age surrounded by rolled pebbles. Sold at the domaine.

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Château Juliette, television report France 3 Château Juliette, television report France 3 (in french)

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Château Juliette est étoilé au Guide Hachette 2012


Alexandre Marcelli Audier, opera singer Winemaker and opera singer

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What is an Artwine?

Promote and bring together the wines of artists worldwide


« An artwine is an elegant "vin de terroir" with a strong artisitic influence transmitted by the winemaker who is also an artist. It combines traditional methods of winemaking in full respect of the environment and the consumer! It dispays an even balance between the earths creation and the artists. An artwine must adhere to precise wine growing, wine making and artistic specifications. »

Marcelli-Audier alexandre (Château Juliette) 2010

Purpose of the Association

Our goal is to promote the wines of artists. We think that an artist has naturally all the fondamental basis to create quality wines. By grouping artistic minds and working as a team we unite to become a stronger unity. We offer people a selection of sure quality wines that embrace a sense of culture, authenticy and creativity.

As the association is international our intentions are to help one another promote and sell our wines all over the world. This may be effectuated by word of mouth, internet, organising events held by the winemakers/artists etc.

The general assembly will plan reunions (in person or by webcam or phone for those international) at least twice a year where you will have the opportunity to contribute your ideas and to vote.

Become an active member of Artwine Association and have your say

Before sending your interests please read the relevant specifications required. If you match these criterias and would like to become a member write to us by post or by email to the address below.

The association have the right to decline your entry if we feel your artistic qualifications are not genuine or they are not transmitted into the making or packaging of your wines. You will be contacted within 7 working days by phone or email.

Email :

Post :

Artwine Association
Chemin du Peyron
Tresques 30330

Artwine Association
32 Silver Gull Drive
Ballina 2478

Once your entry has been accepted you will have active participation and the right to vote at the general assembly for all decision regarding upcoming events, marketing and buisiness promotions and affairs.

Become a supporter of Artwine Association

If you do not meet the criterias or wish to become a member of Artwine Association but appreciate the concept you may like to contibute or offer your services at events, give advise or make a donation. Any contribution would be greatly appreciated.

Specifications for members

Specifications for Viticulture
Specifications for Vinification
Artistic specifications

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