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cuvée Bohème


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Alexandre Marcelli Audier, opera singer Winemaker and opera singer

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Great red wine tribute to Giacomo Puccini 's opera

Bohème is a refined red wine developed by Château Juliette. Enjoy it especially by listening to famous Giacomo Puccini's opera.

Tasting notes Bohème, red Côte du Rhône wine by Château Juliette

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Refined, smooth, elegant, balanced

Like the main characters in the Opera (the poet, the philosopher, the painter) living day to day, carefree and inspired by love, friendship and laughter, Château Juliette has created a wine to be enjoyed in all types of social gatherings where sharing and happiness are the focus.

Well structured and medium-bodied, Bohème displays a complexity of red fruit aromas, (especially raspberries) a beautiful ruby colour and rounded silky tannins.

This easy drinking wine can be enjoyed with a variety of dishes such as pastas, barbecues, meats, home cooked meals or tapas.

Food, Wine and Music matching

Recommended to be enjoyed with game, casseroles, pasta or cheese platters and the aria of « Che gelida manina » Air du ténor acte I scène 9 from Puccini Bohème (music currently playing).

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