La Traviata, great rosé from Château Juliette to drink listening Verdi's opera

cuvée La Traviata


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La Traviata

a great rosé as a dedication to Verdi's opera

Enjoy Côte du Rhône rosé La Traviata by listening to Verdi's opera.

tasting notes La Traviata, rosé wine by Château Juliette

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« Let’s drink,
Let’s drink from this chalice of joy
That beauty so enhances
Let’s drink from the sweet
May the fleeting instant

Be given over voluptuousness
Let’s drink to that sweet ecstasy
That love arouses
The power of the piercing eyes
Straight from heart is aimed

Let’s drink to love, and our drinking
Will render our kisses more ardent
Be happy, the wine and the singing
And laughter beautify the night
Let the new day find us in this paradise »

"The Drinking Song" from La Traviata of Verdi

Fresh, light, perfumed, harmonious

This aromatic and fruity wine highly resembles the character from La Traviata, a French courtesan, Violette; extravagant, elegant and beautiful. Even the bottle reminds us of the sweet smell of French perfume wafting through the hallways and ballroom of Violettes’ lavish parties. With its lively fresh berry flavours, lolly pink colour and refreshing acidity, La Traviata will turn any get together into a lavish Parisian salon where appearance, superficity and pleasure is not spared.

Food, Wine and Music matching

We recommend La Traviata Rosé as an aperitif or to be served with Asian foods, cold seafood, fish or salads listened to with the aria of « libiamo ne’lieti calici » from Verdi « La Traviata» (music currently playing).

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