Madame Butterfly, great red wine by Château Juliette to enjoy listening to famous Puccini's opéra

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Madame Butterfly

Great red wine inspired by Giacomo Puccini 's opera

Madame Butterfly, is the new cuvée created by Château Juliette. Exotic, authentic, charismatic, alluring, enjoy it listening to Giacomo Puccini's opera...

tasting notes Madame Butterfly, red Côte du Rhône wine by Château Juliette

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Château Juliette has created a wine that matches the character and atmosphere of the opera. As the wine is poured we are immediately reminded of Eastern Asia as Butterfly releases her bouquet of oriental spices. Like the heroine the wine has a charmingly feminine allure. Complex and sincere this wine is made using antique methods (land ploughed by horse, harvested and sorted by hand...). A sharply satirical look at our society; the pervertion of desires... Mme Butterfly (heroine and wine) symbolise the return of humain values.

Painter Mr Anastasiu illustrates the butterfly on the label to represent the beauty and the fragility of life using the colour yellow to represent the sunshine and happiness that Butterfly once had. A symbol of spirituality, intellegence and strength this colour was the most suitable to portray the heroine’s original character.

Madame Butterfly's label painted by Paul Anastasiu

© Creation Paul Anastasiu

Madame Butterfly is the story of a young Japanese beauty, only 15 years old, who falls madly in love with an American naval officer. Convinced that he is the love of her life she gives up everything including her family and her religion to be his devoted wife. Pinkerton (the naval officer) on the other hand, bewitched by her beauty, innocence and charm sees her only as his conquest thinking "that I must have her, even though I injure her butterfly wings". After getting his way, he leaves for America promising to return in little time.

Butterfly waits desperately with his new born child for 3 years with no news. Finally he returns but to her dismay he is not alone. He has re-married an American and comes to re-claim his child. With broken wings Butterfly is distraught, she takes the sword of her father marked "Who cannot live with honour must die with honour" and with these words in mind she takes her own life.

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